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Keto Chicken Korma

I have adapted this Chicken Kurma recipe to the Keto style. However, its a delicious chicken preparation which is mildly spicy and pairs well with rice and rotis / breads. Since it is prepared keeping in mind the requirements of a Keto diet, it is high in proteins and fat and very low in carbs. […]Read More

White Chocolate & Butterscotch Blondies

Have you tried out my recipe of Classic Chocolate Brownie? After brownie comes a blondie.. Now, what are blondies?? Well these are the non-cocoa / non-chocolate version of brownies. many blondie recipes use brown sugar instead of regular white sugar. These white chocolate blondies are flavoured with white chocolate chips and butterscotch chips, making it […]Read More

Cranberry and Orange Sangria

Who doesn’t love Sangria? But you may not always be in the mood for an alcoholic version. So what’s your next best option? It is of course a mocktail Sangria. Recipe Ingredient List Cranberry Juice – 2 cups Orange Juice – ½ cup Chopped Green Apple – 1 Orange Slices – from 1 orange Basil […]Read More

Mushroom and Sausage Crepes

I love having sweet crepes for breakfast and savoury crepes for either lunch or dinner. Crepes make for a full meal when it is made with a filling. And with a filling of mushroom and sausages, it definitely is a full meal. During our visit to Vietnam last year, we had across a street side […]Read More

Keto Cauliflower Fried Rice

Keto diet is followed by people all around the world – for weight loss as well as to address certain health concerns. It is basically a high-fat diet with the required amount of proteins and low on carbohydrates. This diet forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates for energy. And that is how […]Read More

Cheesy Potato Bread Rolls

Bread Rolls can be made in different ways. Filling bread slices with a potato stuffing and making it into rolls is just one of them. This recipe of mine is again something my mom used to make often as an evening snack when we were kids. Fried bread rolls were definitely a hit. I have […]Read More

Oats and Chocolate No Sugar Milkshake

This oats and chocolate milkshake doesn’t have any added refined sugar. We are instead sweetening it with honey. I have used regular cooking oats for this. This milkshake makes for a really filling breakfast option as well as can be a great solution to those mid-day hunger pangs! It has added dry fruits too which […]Read More

Apple and Cinnamon Crepes

This is another one of our favourite weekend breakfast items. I generally make crepes two way – one as per this recipe and another one with caramelized banana filling. We love both these variants. And whenever I make this for the weekend, all I see are happy faces at the breakfast table…:) Few things to […]Read More

Sugar-Free Granola

Sugar-free Granola is an easy to make breakfast option if you are really looking at avoiding sugar. I have flavoured these with orange juice and orange rind. I prefer having this with yoghurt or thick/hung curd and drizzle a tiny bit of honey on top or add some chopped fresh fruits/berries for an added flavour. […]Read More

Jam Roll

Jam Rolls are thin sponge cakes filled with jam (cream, chocolate etc also make for great fillings), rolled into a log and then cut into pieces. The sponge used in Jam Roll is really light and delicate. The baking time for this usually less than 15 min and even the process of making is pretty […]Read More