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Soaking Dry Fruits for Christmas Cake

You must be wondering why a recipe for soaking dry fruits.. Well, let’s not underestimate the power of dry fruits in a Christmas Cake..:D Soaked dry fruits is a key ingredient in a Christmas Cake. And these fruits need their own sweet time to soak up all that rum (Oh yeah! We are soaking it […]Read More

One Pot Creamy Lemon Pasta

What’s not to like about pasta that can be made in a single pot? You don’t have to worry about washing the different utensils you used to boil the pasta, drain it and then cook it. When I came across pinterest feed mentioning single pot pasta, I was obviously intrigued and was curious to try […]Read More

Keto Chicken Biriyani

When it comes to Keto recipes, cauliflower seems to make it’s way as a replacement for rice in most recipes. And the best part is that the cooking time is reduced considerably when using cauliflower instead of rice. We love biriyani here. And chicken biriyani has always been a favorite. So when I tried making […]Read More

Sweet and Sour Chicken with Peanuts

I have had some great feedback for the Honey Chilli Potatoes and Honey Chilli Chicken that I had posted a while ago. Sweet and Sour Chicken will also tickle similar taste buds for you, but this is much more easier to make than the other two. Firstly, it does not include frying of chicken. Second, […]Read More

Virgin Lemon Mojito

Virgin Lemon Mojito is a classic drink which you can make as a mocktail or a cocktail. This is something which even kids can quickly make for themselves! This recipe of mine uses sprite to make this lemon flavoured Mojito. Which is your favourite Mojito flavour? Recipe Ingredient List For Simple Syrup Sugar – ¼ […]Read More


When it is festival time, we keep looking for recipes of different sweets and savouries. With Dussehra round the corner, I wanted to share the recipe of a Bengali sweet. The milk based sweets from Bengal are my favorite when it comes to Indian sweets. Most of these sweets do not require a lot of […]Read More

Keto Coconut Burfi

When it comes to Keto diet, there are restrictions when it comes to having sweets. There are some natural zero calorie sweeteners that do come to our rescue. Though the taste is different compared to the regular sugar we are used to, but these definitely do help in satisfying those sweet cravings you may be […]Read More

Bengali Veg Chops

With festival season round the corner, am sure everyone is gearing up for the same. And food, of course, is a very important part of any festivity. The recipe for this Bengali Veg Chops was shared by my neighbour and she actually called me over to see how it is made as well. So this […]Read More

Basil Pesto

When you have fresh basil at home, you ought to make a pesto from it. Basil pesto can be used by just smearing it on a bread as a sandwich, added to some veggies in a salad, added to pasta or even into your bread dough to make a pesto bread. It usually has added […]Read More

Lemon Rice

Lemon Rice is a typical South Indian delicacy prepared using cooked rice. Rice is flavoured with mild spices and lemon juice and it makes for a great lunch box meal option. It tastes great just by itself, but you can always have it with a side dish or some chips too. Few things to keep […]Read More