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Dry Fruit Lassi

Lassi is a proper traditional yoghurt based drink. It is a blend of yoghurt, water, spices, dry fruits and sometimes tropical fruits. In summers, the most frequently made drink at my place is Mango Lassi. Another yoghurt based thin savory drink commonly made in India is Chaas. Lassi is a sweeter and a thicker version […]Read More

Chicken Tikka Samosa

Chicken tikka samosa are our favourite Ramadan treat! This recipe is also the perfect excuse to use any leftover chicken tikkas from last night. Samosas can either be deep fried to get that authentic taste or baked or air-fried if you are watching your calorie intake. Samosas are fried or baked pastry which has savory […]Read More

Blueberry And Sweet Basil Milkshake

This well-balanced milkshake is the perfect late-summer breakfast. Slightly sweet, yet herbaceaus, and full of protein, fiber and fat to start off your day. So simple, so good, so relaxing. So purple! This is one of those forgiving recipes that allows you to go different ways based on your preferences or what you have on hand […]Read More

Hyderabadi Chicken Biriyani

The origin of the work Biriyani can be traced back to the Persian word Birian meaning ‘fried before cooking’ and the word Birinj which means ‘rice’. Wherever this delicious dish originated, once it came to India, we made it our own with so many regional versions of this! Almost every state in India has it’s […]Read More

Punjabi Lassi

Lassi is a cooling, refreshing, probiotic drink perfect for the warm summer months. Popular in Punjab and North India, there are many variations of a lassi recipe, including mango lassi, dry fruits lassi, and malai lassi. This blended yogurt drink is almost like a staple drink during the hot summer months in the Northern Parts […]Read More


Unnakaya, also known as Kai Ada, Unnakka and Kai Porichathu, is a spindle-shaped sweet made using sweet plantains (kerala banana or nendra pazham) and stuffed with sweet coconut. This is a speciality of North Kerala or the Malabar region and is quite popular in that part of the state. This is widely prepared during occasions […]Read More

Mango Basil Seeds Pudding

Mango and Basil Seed Pudding is a delicious, flavorful & easy to make layered pudding flavoured with mango and with the goodness of basil seeds. The whole food blogging world has already tried every possible flavor of basil seed pudding, so here, nothing new !!! I’m simply sharing my way of making basil seed and […]Read More

Murugan Idli Shop Dosa Podi

Murugan Idli shop Dosa Podi recipe is a little different from our authentic idli or dosa podi. The crunchy bite of dal along with balanced spice and color makes this absolutely delightful. In fact, they have a different idli podi too and both the idli and dosa podi are available to buy for our personal use too. So needless […]Read More

Mutton Mappas

Easter is here! And after a 40 day of fasting for Lent, this is the day when you break that fast and indulge in everything non-veg! So it is obvious that the table will be laden with various meat preparations. Breakfast and lunch seems to be a grand affair every year and by dinner time, […]Read More

Chutta Pesaha Appam

Maundy Thursday is the Thursday just before Easter when Christians all around the world remember the last supper Jesus had with his disciples. Among Catholic families of Kerala, it is a tradition to cut an unleavened bread after dinner. This bread is called the Pesaha Appam and is made specially on Maundy Thursday. It is […]Read More