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Month: November 2022

Chatpata Aloo Roll

Rolls are one of my go-to anytime-of-the-day meal option for myself as well as my kids. They prefer taking a roll as lunch to school instead of rotis with a curry. Its easier and so Read More

Cheesy Vegetable Wraps

Don’t we all love to indulge in some cheesy snacks once in a while?? And for kids, something cheesy is always a treat. These Cheesy Vegetable Wraps packs in a lot of vegetables along Read More

Dates And Cashew Milkshake

Milkshakes are my go-to option when kids come back from school and want something different from their usual glass of Bournvita Milk. This healthy dates and cashew milkshake is a filling drink which you can Read More

Bournvita Cookies

Cookies are always a welcome treat at my place. Kids love to snack on them in between as well as take it to school for mid-day snack. And bournvita milk has been their favourite morning Read More

Masala Bread Upma

Bread is almost like a savior when I do not have anything else to serve for breakfast. You can make so many different things using bread. This bread upma is one recipe I make when Read More

Pizza Pasta Sticks

Making something interesting for our kid’s school tiffin box or serving them something yummy when they come home hungry in the evening is always on the top of our minds. And we keep looking Read More

Bournvita Milkshake

Do your kids love milkshakes? There are so many different variants of milkshakes we can prepare for them – some healthy and some “not so” healthy as well! A typical day for my kids start with Read More

Healthy Apple Crumble Tartlets

These cute Apple Crumble Tartlets are easy to make. They are the perfect treats for dessert tables and special occasions! These apple crumble tarts are not only really simple to make, but they Read More

Whole Wheat Vegetable Pancake

These Healthy Whole Wheat Vegetable Pancakes make for a delicious, nourishing and quick breakfast option. These pancakes are super easy to put together. All you have to do is to chop some fresh vegetables, add Read More

Bread Pizza

If your kids love pizzas and will happily eat all the vegetables if it is hidden under that cheese layer in a pizza, then this Bread Pizza recipe is a keeper. It is one of Read More