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Foxtail Millet Coconut Rice

If you are making those slow shifts to healthier eating habits, then it is a great idea to include millets in our day to day diet. Millets can easily replace the regular grains like rice and wheat that we are used to. Millets have a higher levels of protein and a more balanced amino acid […]Read More

Spicy Chicken Thoran

Thoran is a Malayalam word used for stir-fries which have grated coconut added to it. Thoran is a very common preparation in Kerala and you will find it as a side dish with rice every time. This is usually prepared with different vegetables, but people do make similar versions with non-veg ingredients too. This spicy […]Read More

Raw Mango Juice

Come summer and we are on a constant search for refreshing drinks that we can have. Fresh juices are always a better option that the canned or tinned ones. There is a very famous Indian drink called “Aam Panna”, which is made by boiling raw mangoes, extracting the pulp of that and then adding sugar […]Read More


Sukhadi or Gud Papdi or Gol Papdi is a traditional Gujarati sweet which is made all through the year in Gujarati homes. It uses three basic ingredients that we will all have in our pantry. Other ingredients like sesame seeds, dry fruits etc are added as per personal choice and taste. Sukhadi is a sweet […]Read More

Kodo Millet Payasam

Millets are our traditional grains which are nothing less than a super-food. With more and more people realizing their high nutritional values and health benefits, they are including millets in their day to day diet as much as possible. There are many people who have replaced rice and wheat with millets and are quite happy […]Read More

Shami Kabab

Kababs are a specialty of the middle-eastern region. It is said to have originated in Turkey. Grilled meat dishes are often referred to as kababs. There is one city in India that is almost synonymous with kababs – Lucknow. Lucknow is often referred to as the city of Nawabs and Kababs. Shami Kabab is a […]Read More

Raw Mango Kadhi

When mangoes are in season, we keep looking for different recipes – both sweets and savouries – that we can make. Raw mangoes are usually seasonal towards the North of India, however in the southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, we get raw mangoes almost through the year. So it makes it’s way into […]Read More