Month: July 2021

Red Chilli And Coconut Chutney

A little spicy, a little tangy and with a hint of sweetness – this red chilli and coconut chutney is sure to tickle your taste buds. You can pair this with dosas, idlis, akki roti and Read More

Meen Pollichathu

Meen Pollichathu is a typical Kerala preparation wherein fish wrapped in banana leaf is grilled on the stove top. There are many different ways in which this can be prepared. Common preparations include cooking the Read More

Mutta Kuzhalappam

You must be wondering what on earth this is..:) Well, this is a famous evening snack from Kerala and is known by different names across the state – mutta kuzhalappam (roughly translates to cylindrical egg pancakes), Read More

Cholar Dal (Bengali Chana Dal)

After the Mango Dal from Andhra Pradesh, Dal Fry from North India and Khatthi Meethi Dal from Gujarat, our next stop for a dal recipe is in West Bengal. The cholar dal is a speciality Read More

Sorghum (Jowar) Pongal

Pongal is dish from Tamil Nadu, a state in the South of India. It is made in both sweet and savoury versions. Sweet Pongal is usually made by cooking rice, moong dal (split yellow gram) Read More

Tomato Rice

The state of Tamil Nadu in Southern Indian can be very well called a land of variety rice preparations. You have so many different rice preparations that you can probably go for a couple of Read More

Cabbage Sambharo

Cabbage Sambharo is a side dish from the state of Gujarat. It is more or less like a warm salad served with rice or rotis. The only time consuming part while making this dish, I Read More

Gujarati Dal

If you have been following my YouTube channel, you would know that all my thursday recipes in a month follow a theme and I call it the #themethursday! So this month, I decided to share Read More