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Tags : easy salad recipes

Vegetable And Fruit Salad

This is one of those salads you can make with a mix of whatever fruits and vegetables are available with you at home. It uses a basic lemon, honey and olive oil dressing, keeping it light and fresh. It is best to have this salad fresh. In fact, I like to mix the fruits and […]Read More

Russian Salad

Salads are a welcome meal any time for me..:) And I personally prefer food that isn’t too high on spices, but instead have a balance of flavours. So salads just work great! For those who like a creamy base in their salads, Russian Salad is a great option. You can leave out the chicken and […]Read More

Greek Pasta Salad

If you have some cooked pasta leftover and wondering what to make, then this could be perfect recipe for you. The ingredients required to prepare the dressing will most likely be all available with you in your pantry. And as far as the vegetables as considered, you can just add what you have available with […]Read More

Avocado Chicken Salad

I generally love salads in any form. When eating out, I like to experiment with the different salads available in the menu too. That also gives me ideas on what I can try and recreate at home too. When me and Parina were discussing the plan for recipe for Jan 2021, salads had to feature […]Read More

Watermelon, Feta and Cucumber Salad

Having well balanced meals through the day is extremely important to keep your energy levels up and improving your overall health. Parina from NEIKI keeps stressing on this point again and again. In fact, she says that most of us are actually eating less than what our body needs. When it comes to a snack […]Read More