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Shakshuka is a North-African and Middle-Eastern dish which is typically a breakfast item. The word ‘Shakshuka’ means all mixed up. Eggs are poached in a a sauce made up on onions and tomatoes, with cumin Read More

Apple and Cinnamon Crepes

This is another one of our favourite weekend breakfast items. I generally make crepes two way – one as per this recipe and another one with caramelized banana filling. We love both these variants. And whenever Read More

Green Egg Wrap

This Green Egg Wrap is basically a spinach omelette which has ingredients which help with weight loss. The recipe has been designed in a way that it leave you feeling full and hence is a Read More

Broccoli and Mushroom Savory Muffins

When we hear muffins, the first thing that comes to our mind is sweet muffins. But, savory muffins make a great breakfast as well as snack option. You can add vegetables and meat as per Read More