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Shakshuka is a North-African and Middle-Eastern dish which is typically a breakfast item. The word ‘Shakshuka’ means all mixed up. Eggs are poached in a a sauce made up on onions and tomatoes, with cumin being one of the main seasonings. Though it is mainly served as a breakfast, it can be eaten as a […]Read More

Apple and Cinnamon Crepes

This is another one of our favourite weekend breakfast items. I generally make crepes two way – one as per this recipe and another one with caramelized banana filling. We love both these variants. And whenever I make this for the weekend, all I see are happy faces at the breakfast table…:) Few things to […]Read More

Coconut and Caramelized Banana French Toast

French Toast is one breakfast that has so many different variants. You can have a simple french toast with just a drizzle of honey or maple syrup or really dress it up too – options are unlimited or I would say sky is the limit..:) Before COVID-19 wrecked havoc in our lives and turned all […]Read More

Green Egg Wrap

This Green Egg Wrap is basically a spinach omelette which has ingredients which help with weight loss. The recipe has been designed in a way that it leave you feeling full and hence is a good breakfast option. You need not wait to be on a weight loss or fat burning diet to have this…:) […]Read More

Broccoli and Mushroom Savory Muffins

When we hear muffins, the first thing that comes to our mind is sweet muffins. But, savory muffins make a great breakfast as well as snack option. You can add vegetables and meat as per your choice and availability and flavour it the way you wish. You can load it up with cheese or keep […]Read More