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Dates and Nuts Modak

Modak is one sweet which is made most often during Ganesh Chaturthi as modaks and laddoos are known to be Lord Ganesha’s favourite sweets. Modaks are mode to offer as prasad. The traditional modak is made using rice flour and filled with a mixture of coconut and jaggery. This recipe of dates and nuts modak […]Read More

5-Ingredient Peanut Sauce

Peanut Sauce is a great accompaniment with rolls and satay. I have already shared the recipe for a peanut sauce on my blog earlier. But if you are looking for a really quick recipe which doesn’t need any cutting or chopping, then you should surely try this out. This recipe was shared by my friend […]Read More

Pista And Badam Modak

Modak is a traditional sweet dumpling which is known to be one of Lord Ganesha’s favourite sweets. And hence it is offered to Him during prayers at the time of Ganesh Chaturthi. Modak and ladoos are known to be his favourite sweets. Last year, during Ganesh Chaturthi, I had shared the recipe of the traditional […]Read More

Bajra Khichdi

Khichdi is a one-pot comfort meal made in India. It is essentially a mix of rice, lentils, vegetables and spices. All you need with a bowl of piping hot khichdi is some pickle and may be a papad..:) The bajra khichdi uses bajra or pearl millet instead of rice and hence has a better nutritional […]Read More

Meen Pollichathu

Meen Pollichathu is a typical Kerala preparation wherein fish wrapped in banana leaf is grilled on the stove top. There are many different ways in which this can be prepared. Common preparations include cooking the full fish in the banana leaf – but in such cases, it is usually smaller size fish that are used. […]Read More

Mutta Kuzhalappam

You must be wondering what on earth this is..:) Well, this is a famous evening snack from Kerala and is known by different names across the state – mutta kuzhalappam (roughly translates to cylindrical egg pancakes), madakku san, elanji, love letter.. It is essentially a crepe with a sweet coconut filling. It is usually made […]Read More

Sorghum (Jowar) Pongal

Pongal is dish from Tamil Nadu, a state in the South of India. It is made in both sweet and savoury versions. Sweet Pongal is usually made by cooking rice, moong dal (split yellow gram) and jaggery in milk, and of course lots of ghee. And when we are looking at making a healthier version, […]Read More

Cabbage Sambharo

Cabbage Sambharo is a side dish from the state of Gujarat. It is more or less like a warm salad served with rice or rotis. The only time consuming part while making this dish, I feel, is slicing the cabbage. The cooking process takes less than 10 min as you don’t cook the cabbage fully. […]Read More

Dal Fry (Dal tadka)

One of the most popular dal preparations in India could probably be the dal tadka. It makes for a great gravy dish with both rice and rotis. When we are traveling and have to stop for lunch/dinner, something we almost every time end up ordering is rotis/rice, dal fry and chilli chicken dry..:) You must […]Read More


Sukhadi or Gud Papdi or Gol Papdi is a traditional Gujarati sweet which is made all through the year in Gujarati homes. It uses three basic ingredients that we will all have in our pantry. Other ingredients like sesame seeds, dry fruits etc are added as per personal choice and taste. Sukhadi is a sweet […]Read More