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Chicken And Cashew Stir Fry 

Put down that takeout menu! This Chicken and Cashew Stir Fry is a recipe that truly stacks up to your favourite Chinese takeout. And it’s incredibly quick and EASY to Read More

Spicy Chicken Thoran

Thoran is a Malayalam word used for stir-fries which have grated coconut added to it. Thoran is a very common preparation in Kerala and you will find it as a side dish with rice every Read More

Chicken Coconut Fry

If you have been to Kerala (a small state in the southern most part of India), or have been to a restaurant serving Kerala cuisine, you would have most likely come across a dish by Read More

Low Fat Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken and low fat?? Something just doesn’t seem right here. Do you feel the same? Well, I had the same feelings when Parina told me that she would like to share the recipe Read More

Mustard Chicken Plate

A new year always dawns with new hopes, new aspirations and new dreams. And 2021 is no different. 2020 was an year like never before – if I may say that. A pandemic that almost brought the world Read More

Keto Chicken Korma

I have adapted this Chicken Kurma recipe to the Keto style. However, its a delicious chicken preparation which is mildly spicy and pairs well with rice and rotis / breads. Since it is prepared keeping in Read More

Honey Chilli Chicken

When I posted the recipe for honey chilli potatoes sometime back, I had many people trying it out and giving me a very positive response. So obviously, I was tempted to try out the recipe Read More

Easy Chicken Stew (Kerala Cuisine)

Stew forms an integral part of the Kerala Christian Cuisine. The word ‘Stew’ essentially means to cook slowly in a liquid in a covered vessel. In a kerala stew, the liquid which is used to Read More

Chicken Sandwich

Sandwiches usually make their way into our meal times either when we need something really quick to put together or when we want to have a mess-free meal..:) They also make for a good lunch Read More

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken is a very popular Indian starter, which also happens to be one of the top 5 Indian dishes searched online in 2018-19. The good part about this dish is that you can marinate larger Read More