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Tags : easy deserts to make

Coconut Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta is one dessert which is not just simple to make but can be made well ahead in time and kept refrigerated till it’s time to serve. It usually doesn’t require too many ingredients and takes very less time to mix together as well. Panna Cotta requires a setting agent, which is most cases […]Read More

Bread Pudding With Spiced Orange Sauce

A good bread pudding is always a treat to have. You can keep it simple and make in a plain vanilla flavour and dress it up with a sauce or add other flavours to it. I love fruity flavoured bread puddings. And prefer pairing it with a sauce too. Earlier, I had shared the recipe […]Read More

Eggless Mocha Blondies

If you have always wished for brownies not being loaded with Chocolate flavour, then blondies are your answer. Blondies skip the cocoa powder or melted chocolate, thus presenting you with multiple flavour options. I had posted the recipe for Classic Chocolate Brownies long back and had some requests for a blondie recipe. So that led […]Read More