Apple and Coconut Burfi

Coconut Burfi is a very common Indian sweet and is made in different ways by different people. Since Janmashtami and Ganesh Chathurthi are both around, and it definitely calls for quick sweets you can prepare, sharing the recipe of this apple and coconut burfi, which is a twist to the traditional coconut burfi. This recipe is also shared by my friend Vinanti.

The best part of this recipe is that you can either set it in a greased plate like a burfi or roll into small balls and fill them with the dry fruits – that gives a small surprise as you bite into the balls.

Few things to keep in mind

  • Coconut: Use coarsely grated coconut, if available, as that gives a better texture and crunchiness to the burfi. Also, while roasting the coconuts, make sure it just dries up but doesn’t change the color.
  • Apple: Coarsely grate the apples, else they will become too soft upon cooking.
  • Shape: You can either grease a flat plate and spread the burfi mix on it and set it. Once set, it can be cut into desired shapes. Or else, you can roll into small balls and put a few pieces of the chopped nuts inside. You can also roll these balls in desiccated coconut for an added texture.
  • Texture: These burfis are soft and a little chewy due to the addition of apples. They don’t harden much.
  • Sugar: If the apples are sweet, you can reduce the quantity of sugar accordingly.


Ingredient List

  • Grated Fresh Coconut – 1 cup
  • Ghee – ½ cup
  • Apple – 1, coarsely grated
  • Milk Powder – 1 cup
  • Sugar – 1 cup (See Recipe Notes Above)
  • Cardamom Powder – Powder of 3-4 cardamoms
  • Saffron – a few strands (Soaked in some warm milk)
  • Salt – a pinch
  • Pistachios – a few, chopped
  • Almonds – a few, chopped
  • Desiccated Coconut (optional) – to coat (if shaping into balls)

Step by Step Process

  1. Roast the coconut in a pan on low heat for a minute. Ensure it does not turn brown. Take it off heat and keep it aside.
  2. Add ghee to the same pan and add the grated apple to it and cook until dry.
  3. Add the roasted coconut to the apple in the pan along with the milk powder, sugar, cardamom powder, saffron and salt. Continue stirring till the mixture cooks well and becomes dry and ghee starts to separate. Take it off heat.
  4. Grease a flat plate with some ghee and spread the mixture on it evenly. Let it cool down before cutting into pieces.
  5. For making into balls, let the mix cool down a little. Make small balls from the mixture and then make a small indent into it. Place a few chopped pistachios and almonds into it and then shape it into desired shape. Roll them into desiccated coconut and let it set well.

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