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Tags : mocktail recipe

Sunset Mocktail

Have you ever looked at a sunset and wished you could capture those beautiful colors and hold onto them forever? With a little twist on my cocktail recipe, this non alcoholic cocktail – the Sunset Mocktail – ticks all the boxes, so you can be sure it’s a winner. And the best part – it can […]Read More

Kiwi Mojito 

This Kiwi Mojito brings the sweet and tart flavors of fresh kiwi and bright mint. Perfect for front porch sitting or poolside sunbathing! This non-alcoholic mojito recipe will be a hit with kids and adults alike. There is so much flavor from the healthy ingredients in this mojito virgin mocktail and they’re super easy to make for […]Read More

Virgin Lemon Mojito

Virgin Lemon Mojito is a classic drink which you can make as a mocktail or a cocktail. This is something which even kids can quickly make for themselves! This recipe of mine uses sprite to make this lemon flavoured Mojito. Which is your favourite Mojito flavour? Recipe Ingredient List For Simple Syrup Sugar – ¼ […]Read More

Cranberry and Orange Sangria

Who doesn’t love Sangria? But you may not always be in the mood for an alcoholic version. So what’s your next best option? It is of course a mocktail Sangria. Recipe Ingredient List Cranberry Juice – 2 cups Orange Juice – ½ cup Chopped Green Apple – 1 Orange Slices – from 1 orange Basil […]Read More