Custard Apple Milkshake

Custard Apple Milkshake

Milkshakes and drinks made from fresh fruits are always a welcome change from the processed drinks we often buy. When we make these at home, the drink is loaded with flavours from the fresh fruit and often has no or very little refined sugar added. I love eating custard apples when they are in season. And if you know how to separate the seeds from the pulp, you can very easily make some delicious sweet dishes with this fruit.

Custard Apple Milkshake
Custard Apple Milkshake

If you have some really sweet custard apple, you can make this milkshake with just two ingredients – the fruit and some milk. This drink is a refreshing alternative to all those beverages out there which are loaded with processed sugars and artificial additives. Without any added sugar, the fruity flavours really shine through the creaminess of the milk.

Custard Apple Milkshake

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A delicious and filling milkshake!


  • Custard Apple – 1

  • Milk – 1 cup

  • Sugar – 1-2 tbsp, if needed


  • Scoop out the flesh from the custard apple and add it to the blender jar with about 1/4th cup of milk.
  • The seeds will separate from the flesh.
  • Remove the seeds using a spoon and into the pulp remaining, add the rest of the milk along with sugar and blend well.
  • Serve cold.

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