When I think about Christmas, red and green is what comes to my mind. I love adding a red and green touch to everything around the house, with a hint of gold. So when I was thinking of a Christmas drink, it was the red and green colors that I wanted to get. And this lemonade recipe will probably be one of the easiest you can make.

For the red color, you can use any red color fruit crush – like a strawberry, raspberry or cranberry crush. And for the green color, we want something lighter than the fruit crush so that it floats on top. So a green color soda like a mountain dew is a great option. And since it is a lemonade, you do need some crush lemon and some mint leaves too, if you like the flavour.

Since the fruit crush as well as mountain dew is already sweet, I do not feel the need to add any other sweetener while making this lemonade. But yes, that is personal choice!

Christmas Lemonade

Course: DrinksDifficulty: Easy


Prep time




  • Lemon wedges – 3-4 pieces

  • Mint Leaves – a few

  • Cranberry/Rasberry/Strawberry Crush – 2 tbsp (30 ml)

  • Mountain Dew – 250 ml

  • Lemon wedges, mint leaves for garnish


  • Crush together lemon wedges and mint leaves in a glass.
  • Add the fruit crush and top it up with the mountain dew. Stir it gently.
  • Serve garnished with a lemon wedge and/or mint leaves.

Recipe Video

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