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 Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

A grilled cheese sandwich is only as good as the cheese used for it. You want to make sure you’re using a cheese that melts well and is gooey. And I use a combination of three cheeses to make this ultimate grilled cheese sandwich.

It’s all about the crust. Choose a hearty bread, butter it up, and shred your favorite combination of cheeses for the best grilled cheese ever: crispy-crunchy on the outside, melty middle, and an impressive cheese pull.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Grilled Cheese Sandwich

This Grilled Cheese recipe is well-loved by the whole family. Who can resist that impressive cheese pull? 

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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A great grilled cheese sandwich recipe made using a combination of three different cheeses!


  • Mozarella Cheese – ¼ cup, grated

  • Cheddar Cheese – ¼ cup, grated

  • Gouda Cheese – ¼ cup, grated

  • Bread Slices – 4

  • Butter – 2-3 tbsp, at room temperature

  • Salt and Pepper


  • In a bowl, mix together the mozzarella, cheddar and gouda cheese and keep it aside. Apply butter on all the bread slices. On a slice of butter bread, add half of the cheese mix and sprinkle some salt and pepper on it. Cover it with the second slice of bread.
  • Repeat this process to make one more sandwich. On a hot pan, place the sandwich and gently press it down to evenly brown the underside.
  • Flip and repeat for the other side. Cook the sandwich on low flame for 4-5 min till both sides are crunchy and golden-brown color.
  • Slice and serve hot.

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