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Tags : easy mocktail recipes

Sunset Mocktail

Have you ever looked at a sunset and wished you could capture those beautiful colors and hold onto them forever? With a little twist on my cocktail recipe, this non alcoholic cocktail – the Sunset Mocktail – ticks all the boxes, so you can be sure it’s a winner. And the best part – it can […]Read More

Classic Shirley Temple

It’s a simple, delicious, cold pink bubbly drink that is enjoyed by youngsters and adults, and a great way to take a can of ginger ale and dress it up to make it look and taste fancy. It’s the perfect holiday drink, since everyone can enjoy it. The drink is named for Shirley Temple, the […]Read More

Pineapple Daiquíri

Pineapple Daiquiri cocktails are a refreshing frozen cocktail, usually made with rum, but this ones a virgin. It is just perfect for celebrating or relaxing at home. An easy tropical drink with just a few ingredients, that you can make in a jiffy! Classic Daiquiris are always a hit and I don’t know anyone who can resist […]Read More