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Strawberry Milkshake

When strawberries are in season, using these vibrant berries in different preparations is a must. At home, we do go a little crazy about strawberries during this time of the year! A strawberry milkshake is Read More

Vanilla Milkshake

Vanilla Milkshake is probably one of the easiest milkshake recipes you can make. With Halloween here, let us make it a little fancier! You can skip the red color and rose syrup in this recipe. Read More

Biscoff Milkshake

If you love cookies, you’re in for a sweet treat! Imagine taking those delicious Biscoff cookies and turning them into a creamy, dreamy milkshake. That’s exactly what a Biscoff milkshake is all about! Read More

Rose Milkshake

Rose Milkshake is a yummy, creamy drink made by blending milk, rose syrup and ice cream. Rose Milkshake is a chill cooler for the festive season. It is simple & quick to make in minutes. Read More