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 Sunset Mocktail

Sunset Mocktail

Have you ever looked at a sunset and wished you could capture those beautiful colors and hold onto them forever?
With a little twist on my cocktail recipe, this non alcoholic cocktail – the Sunset Mocktail – ticks all the boxes, so you can be sure it’s a winner.

And the best part – it can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.

Sunset Mocktail

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A pretty looking Sunset Mocktail that will remind you of the beautiful sunset colors!


  • Mint Leaves – a few

  • Lemon Slices – 2-3

  • Mango Juice – 60 ml (¼ cup)

  • Ice Cubes – a few

  • Sprite/Soda – 60 ml (¼ cup)

  • Cranberry Juice – 60 ml (¼ cup)

  • Mint Leaves and Lemon Slice for garnish


  • Add mint and lemon slices into a glass and muddle it together. Add the mango juice to this along with a few ice cubes. Slowly pour the soda/sprite on top of this.
  • Pour the cranberry juice on top of this using a spoon so that the layers are not disturbed. Garnish with mint and lemon slices and serve.

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